Circular Economy

Cotton has a natural place in the circular economy. It’s biodegradable, renewable and recyclable and it doesn’t have the microplastics problem associated with synthetic fabrics. Our own research shows it breaks down fast in water and soil. Cotton Australia is working with the textile industry to find solutions to the textile waste problem, with the ultimate goal of turning textiles into products that can be used back on the farm.

We’re investing in research and development, and we have convened the Cotton Converts group that’s aligning problems with solutions for textile waste as we all grapple with our place in the circular economy.

Choosing cotton is one way to minimise the harmful impact of fashion on our rivers and oceans and at the same time, support countless families and communities who rely on cotton for their livelihoods.

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Cotton Australia has formed a number of authentic partnerships with retailers, brands, manufacturers and supply chain partners who share the industry's values. If your organisation believes in reducing environmental footprint, the fair and safe treatment of workers, quality product and supply chain traceability - then we may be in business.

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