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Australia is the leading supplier of high quality cotton fibre with a track record of continual quality improvements over time. World-leading plant breeding, modern farming systems including 100% mechanical picking and state of the art ginning makes Australian cotton the preferred upland fibre for fine yarn counts.

Australian cotton offers:

  • Virtually zero contamination
  • Superior Staple Length with over 70% of the crop 1 and 3/16 (38 Staple) or longer
  • Fantastic Strength with over 80% of the crop testing of 30GPT and higher
  • Consistent Micronaire within the G5 range (3.5–4.9)

Australia’s cotton industry prides itself on a record of continuous improvement and consistently delivers high quality fibres that offer spinners low breakages and stoppages, good throughput efficiency and uniform runs of yarn. This in turn makes high quality fabrics that are long lasting, easy to dye and print, and beautiful to wear.

Why Such High Quality?​

​Australia's track record in delivering consistently high quality cotton over a number of decades hasn't come easily. A steady and continuous improvement in quality has been achieved through significant practice changes and research and development:

  • World class plant breeding and cotton variety selection to suit local conditions
  • Efficient and careful management of the crop
  • Picked with the latest round bale technology to minimise contamination and fibre disturbance
  • Gently ginned with state of the art equipment and world best practice standards
  • Graded with modern, certified classing facilities that participate in the International Cotton Advisory Committee CSITC Round Trials to ensure the highest standards.

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