“The Australian cotton industry is the most water use efficient in the world, producing cotton with yields three times the world average.”
“Cotton Australia is co-founder of the Cotton Converts, bringing brands, scientists, NGOs, innovators and the cotton industry together to help find solutions to textile waste in Australia.”
“Iconic Australian brand Bonds shot this advertisement in the cotton fields circa 1970s, and today the brand carries a wide range of 100% Home Grown Australian cotton product.”
“"Our research has shown Australian cotton to be one of the best in terms of dyeability due to its whiteness and almost zero contamination"”
Dr Stuart Gordon Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Agriculture and Food
“Australia is one of the only countries in the world offering traceability for raw cotton from the farm to the mill, giving brands and retailers the confidence to use traceable, Australian cotton.”


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Cotton Australia has formed a number of authentic partnerships with retailers, brands, manufacturers and supply chain partners who share the industry's values. If your organisation believes in reducing environmental footprint, the fair and safe treatment of workers, quality product and supply chain traceability - then we may be in business.

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