Vegan project

An unlikely partnership between Cotton Australia and vegan fashion activist and model Emma Håkansson, founder of Willow Creative Co, has seen the aspiring film maker travel to Emerald earlier this month to tell the story of a sustainable, plant-based garment that will be documented right through the manufacturing process.

The cotton will come from Renee Anderson’s farm in Emerald, be spun at CSIRO in Geelong and knitted at the Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub in Melbourne. The small collection of knits is designed by Emma, who is very keen to bring the vegan movement and farmers together on issues of sustainability and ethical production, telling the story of Australian cotton along the way.

For Cotton Australia, this presents an opportunity to connect with a designer and fasion influencer who has come to appreciate all that Australian cotton offers in terms of sustainability and quality. The range is expected to be launched in Winter 2021.


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