Christmas in Australia is taking the shape of handcrafted wreaths made from Australian cotton, after a hobby turned into a booming business for Ruth Host.

Ruth began making Christmas wreaths from Australian cotton in 2014 after the birth of her first child after realising most wreaths were too glitzy, fake and didn’t match the Australian Christmas.

Not only did she have a newborn child, but a new business called The Doors of Berry.

Living in a rural town, Ruth wanted to create wreaths that connected with country landscapes and could be used all-year round.

“Wreaths were traditionally made around harvest. Farming families would make them from the crops they were growing such as wheat and hang them on the door believing it would offer protection to the next harvest,” Ruth said.

“Using Australian cotton continues the rich farming history, but also brings an Australian feel to a traditional Christmas decoration.”

It takes Ruth about two hours to create each wreath with cotton sourced from the Goondiwindi region, with the bolls varying in size and shape depending on the season.

“A lot of people don’t realise how big the Australian cotton industry is, how many jobs it provides, and the economic impact it has on rural communities,” Ruth said.

“The wreaths tell a story from the farmer who has grown the cotton. It’s such a pure product.”

She says it’s a type of decoration that can be used all year round by changing the ribbon colour and accessories to match the season.

“Cotton wreaths aren’t necessarily overly Christmassy but more-so an all-year round decorative piece,” Ruth said.

This year, Ruth has sold out of her Australian cotton Christmas wreaths at The Doors of Berry, however some stockists have some available.

Check out The Doors of Berry Australian cotton Christmas wreaths here.


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