A small seed loaded with technology is a game changer for the Australian cotton industry, as demand for sustainable raw materials continues to rise.

The Australian Cotton industry is producing a crop that’s in demand across the globe, and part of its success can be attributed to biotechnology inside the seed.

The seed, which is no bigger than 3-10mm, has enormous impacts on sustainability and pest management thanks to research dating back to 1985.

To highlight the enormous impact a tiny seed has in the cotton industry, Cotton Australia launched a six-part webinar series, There’s Nothing Conventional About Australian Cotton, that coincides with the Australian cotton season.

Episode one – The Seed That Packs a Punch – was presented on World Cotton Day (October 7), with special guests Adam Kay, CEO of Cotton Australia, and Colleen MacMillan PHD, CSIRO Agriculture and Food.

Our industry experts took a deep dive into the seed that will be responsible for generating an expected one million tonnes of cotton fibre in this year’s crop that will clothe up to five million people.

If you missed the webinar, or want to re-watch, below


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