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Cotton Australia has used a new collaboration with a leading Japanese shirtmaker to highlight growing global endorsement of the quality and environmental credentials of Australian cotton.

Kamakura Shirts in Japan has launched its first ‘Premium Pure White Shirt’ made from Australian cotton with the support from the Consulate-General of Australia in Osaka and by utilizing the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement.

The company has been making shirts since 1993 at its garment factories in Japan. Ms. Nanako Sadasue, CEO of Kamakura Shirts, said: “Sustainable Australian Cotton is the ideal cotton we have been seeking for years. We would like to spread the word about its great features to customers across the world.”

Kamakura Shirts sourced Australian cotton because it is clean and relatively contaminant free, which means chemicals are minimized when dyeing fabric and users ‘feel the natural whiteness of cotton.’

In launching the new shirts, now available worldwide online, the company said: “White Australian cotton is the perfect raw cotton for Kamakura Shirts, a maker that has pursued whiteness since its establishment in 1993. Whiteness is a key feature of a premium dress shirt.”

The shirtmaker has utilized extra-long staple cotton for its shirts and after three years of research a new spinning technology has been developed ensuring that even shorter yarns, commonly produced in Australia, can be used for their premium shirts.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said the launch was another example of the global demand for premium Australian cotton.

“We are pleased to work with these Japanese companies and Austrade in bringing these new shirts to market and we welcome enquiries from all manufacturers who are trying to find the best cotton for their products," Mr Kay said.

Trevor Holloway, the Australian Consul General in Osaka, said the launch built on the strong economic relationship between Australia and Japan, and recognises that Australia’s cotton industry, while complying with the world’s strictest certification standards, also places sustainability at the very core of its business.

“Over many years, producers have been developing innovative technologies and accumulating know-how needed to improve quality and reduce the resources used to achieve the highest crop yields and proudly deliver world class Australian cotton,” Mr Holloway said.

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