AC Mina Guli

A marathon runner is promoting the importance of water globally by running 200 marathons this year.

Thirst Foundation founder and CEO Mina Guli launched the campaign Run Blue on World Water Day, March 22, in the lead up to the UN Water Conference in 2023, to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

During the countdown to the UN Water Conference on World Water Day next year, Mina will run 200 marathons, with the first 27 taking her through outback and regional Australia.

Run 22 provided the opportunity for Mina to visit Andrew Watson’s cotton farm at Boggabri NSW, where she spoke highly of the Australian cotton industry’s water use efficiency across the past 30 years.

Mina also had a round table discussion with the Bayer team to chat about how water can be best managed as part of their commitment to sustainable development.

Watch her inspirational video, courtesy of Bayer, about the Australian cotton industry and its water use efficiency below.


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