Kmart Sustainable Cotton

Kmart Australia has launched a campaign to promote its use of sustainable cotton including Better Cotton, organic and recycled.

Kmart announced this week the cotton for its “own brand clothing, towels and bedding is now 100% sustainably sourced, in a way that respects and cares for our planet and the people who produce that cotton.”

The campaign video features footage taken on the Toscan family's Better Cotton accredited farm in Southern NSW during a Kmart farm tour, at Southern Cotton Gin as well as a short interview with Cotton Australia's Brooke Summers. This highlight's Kmart's ongoing relationship with Australian cotton.

Through the Cotton to Market Program, Cotton Australia has been working with Kmart for many years and congratulates the brand on being an Australian leader in sustainable cotton sourcing.

"It's great to see Kmart proudly promoting its use of sustainably sourced cotton. There's been a huge amount of hard work behind the scenes with Cotton Australia, BCI and other partners to make sure the cotton for these products is sustainably sourced, and it's a great message back to our farmers that sustainable cotton is what our customers want," Cotton Australia Supply Chain Consultant, Brooke Summers said.

Through its partnership with BCI and relationships with suppliers, Kmart is working to ensure a brighter future for the cotton industry and those whose lives depend on it in countries including Brazil, India, China, Bangladesh and Australia.

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