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The second webinar “Every Drop Counts in Cotton Australia’s series There’s Nothing Conventional About Cotton took a deep dive into water use in the cotton industry.

Our expert panel answered many questions about water consumption, use and efficiencies in the Australian cotton industry, and explained how water is the most vital resource for Australian farmers.

We hope you enjoyed the webinar and took away some valuable information. Below are some links with additional resources, as well as a link to the video clip we shared.

  • Animated video explaining the way water is allocated here
  • Cotton Australia has a great page of information on water and cotton for those who want a deeper dive, check it out here
  • The Australian Cotton Water Story will summarise much of what was covered in the webinar can be found here

Our third webinar, which will investigate biodiversity and the regeneration of Australia’s cotton farms, will be held in February, 2022.

Watch Every Drop Counts here:


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