An agenda-packed trade visit to Thailand and Vietnam has reinforced the view that Australian cotton is among the world’s most highly regarded for its superior strength, staple length and micronaire – a key indication of fibre fineness and maturity.

Cotton Australia’s Cotton to Market program and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association recently visited Vietnam and Thailand, thanks to the Federal government’s ATMAC funding. ACSA Export Marketing Consultant Rob Cairns visited both locations and said the feedback from spinners was that they “loved Australian cotton.”

Mr Cairns said Australian cotton was now also regarded as “more competitive on price” due to China’s ban on Australia’s export of agricultural commodities.

“About 38% of this season’s cotton crop has ended up in Vietnam, and another 7% in Thailand,” Mr Cairns said.

“We’ve had a record crop for the 2021-22 season, and despite export challenges we’ve being able to market our premium cotton into new and growing markets.”

“Most encouragingly we are taking market share from traditional competitors (US and Brazil) and mills are increasingly seeing Australian cotton as their fibre of choice in mill laydowns.”

He said both Vietnam and Thailand markets were very aware of the industry’s myBMP program and its sustainability credentials.

The overseas visit involved about 23 spinning mills visits and two seminars in Vietnam and 12 spinning mills and a seminar in Thailand.

In addition, the in-market visits connected brands to the supply chain.

“ACSA has been doing these trips for a long time now – going into the market and running seminars on the Australian industry and crop. This was the first time we had brands such as Sheridan and Hanes also attend” Mr Cairns said.

“Because of that, we’re starting to connect the brands to the supply chain partners and making those connections stronger for Australian cotton.

“The Australian industry should be rightly proud of our quality crop, superior logistics and strength of relationship with supply chain partners. We look forward to the years ahead with big crops, diverse market destinations and an increasing demand from brands and consumers for our cotton.”


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