7-14 Days from Australia to Major Markets

Australia’s close proximity to Asia, combined with modern logistics infrastructure and a stable political and financial system, means Australia's cotton merchants can supply Australian cotton bales to spinning mills in a very short period of time. The spinning mills that purchase Australian cotton often keep stocks so that it's available to fabric mill customers all year round.

In an average year the Australian cotton industry produces approximately 680,000 metric tonnes of cotton (3 million bales), with almost 100% of this exported through ports in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on the east coast of Australia.  The industry also produces an average 930,000 tonnes of cottonseed, a valuable food commodity.

There is a forward market for cotton in Australia where growers can sell their cotton at a fixed price, up to three years ahead.  Australian cotton growers and merchants have an excellent reputation for good business practice in the world market due to contract sanctity, reliable counterparties and strict adherence to International Cotton Association (ICA) rules.

For contact details of Australia's cotton merchants who sell raw cotton bales from Australia, please click here.

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